[in response to SMS's sending the Silvey article to the AAUP list]

Thanks, Stephen.

The implications of Chancellor Deaton's letter are very serious and go beyond the Greg Engel 

The Chancellor has changed the evidentiary standrards for 310.010L in one stroke.  I believe he 
should not have one so without a faculty vote, and his action is very questionable.  MU has 
already not acted in compliance with AAUP Rule 7 on suspensions, and good practices on these 
matters (see Wash U Faculty handbook on how such matters should be dealt with).

For my part , from my reading of the initial filing of faculty charges against Greg, I have 
been all along astonished that the charges were allowed to proceed to any stage at all.  Among 
other very questionable issues and assumptions being made, the charges had contained detailed 
discussions of P&T votes, and actions by  different entities (dept faculty, college committee, 
campus committee, provost and the chancellor, & curiously leaving out actions by the chair and 
the dean).  Not only that inclusion of any such info (and dissemination of it those among the 
18 who had never been a part of any P&T process involving Greg)  violated university 
regulationHR114 and good practices, the information was totally wrong on at least on count.  A 
sensible course of action would have been not to let this case proceed, and inform all MU 
faculty and administrators that P&T matters are confidential, & it is no one's  business to go  
into one's personnel files and disseminate that info, and that those doing so will be held