FC Meeting 02-17-11

We started with a presentation on the Advising Corps.  This is designed 
to encourage people who otherwise wouldn't go to college.  Information 
is available at http://mcac.missouri.edu.

Chair's Report - Leona Rubin

* FC voted online to approve change to calendar because of snow.
* Nominating Committee to hold council elections.
* FC EC met with Provost Foster and discussed the Dean evaluation process.
* FC EC discussed Lumina report with Deaton and Foster.
* FC EC discussed Chancellor's evaluation.  The last time was 2001. 
They are looking into whether NTT will now participate (as they are 3rd 
of faculty).

IFC Report - Bill Weibold

* Retirement plan.  Hard to say what will happen.  Curators might or 
might not make changes.
* Numerous academic titles in the system.  A committee to look into this.
* There was a discussion on civility.
* There are proposed changes to who may serve on tenure committees.  If 
there are not enough people in the department, then the new rules allow 
people from other departments or emeritus professors to serve.
* The produced an academic integrity statement that all 4 campus's agree on.
* Grievance Process.  A continuation of the process in the last two 
years.  This has to be brought to a general faculty vote.  A faculty 
forum will take place on March 1st.  The other campus's have already 
agreed to MU's process.

Sudarshan Loyalka made the point that with regard to post tenure review, 
the other campus's voted for it, and we voted against it.  But when it 
came to implementation, we took it much more seriously.

Action item

Electronic voting.  Passed.  (It passed in an earlier meeting, but the 
minutes failed to record it.)

Academic Affairs - Victoria Johnson

Diversity Requirement change to Gen Ed requirements

This produced a lengthy and heated discussion.  I have also received 
questions from Math Faculty, and although I did not raise these points, 
other people raised the same points, and there were answers.

Victoria Johnson said that there are many studies that show that 
diversity courses at universities have significant impacts.  I will post 
links to these studies when I receive them.

Some people have suggested that the criteria to be created by the D.I. 
subcommittee of CUE should be created before we move on this item. 
Victoria Johnson will add a statement to the proposal that the FC have 
to review the criteria produced by the D.I. subcommittee.

Some people asked if disability would be included.  This was omitted in 
earlier documents, but the current document does list this.

April Langley made a strong statement to the following effect. 
Diversity is a term that is heavily contested in academic circles, and 
so the DI requirement should state what we mean by diversity.  Diversity 
does not mean political correctness.  Rather it is about unpacking 
assumptions.  It is not just about racial and ethnic issues, rather it 
is to move towards inclusive excellence.  Finally to people who 
criticized the current proposal, she asked whether we are working to 
find a way to make diversity work, or are we simply looking for 
imperfections, which will be present in any proposal?

Several people suggested that the list of sample courses should be much 
larger, e.g. economics and German have several courses that could fit, 
which are now not listed.  I got the sense that those proposing the 
document would be happy to enlarge the list.

One point that was raised concerned the difficulty and work in making 
courses satisfy the D.I. requirement.  I will say as an aside that I 
hope that the Academic Affairs Subcommittee (of which I am a member) 
also looks into similar issues for the W.I. requirement.

Submitted by Stephen Montgomery-Smith