FC Newsletter May 5 2011 ======================== Chris Fender of Tech Transfer Office ==================================== He is working with Fiscal Affairs and Harry Tyrer to create a faculty advisory committee for IP. Originally this was a UM system function. Now it is decentralized in the Office of Research under Rob Duncan. Duncan wanted to decentralize further to something closer to faculty residing in colleges, using IPLU (licensing units) in strategic places. The idea of the advisory committee is to create subcommittees to find best ways to faculty and teams to work together, and to educate faculty. Two kinds of subcommittees are proposed - one for each IPLU, appointed by the appropriate Dean, and three at-large committees appointed by FC. Eddie Adelstein. Is IP well defined for faculty at this time? A. This is defined in CRR 100.020. This hasn't been updated significantly for a long time, except for the rights of students. Loyalka. Do the license fees go to other purposes? A. One third goes to the inventor(s). The remainder is split equally between UM system and departments. Morera. What's your vision? A. They want to be good stewards of our resources, translate into useful products, and positively impact society. Chair's Report ============== * Chancellor Deaton has been appointed to a prestigious federal committee. * Nebraska U has been removed from AAU. Their medical funding is separate from the university, and thus didn't count towards the criteria required for AAU membership. MU is not at the bottom of the AAU list - we just got someone into the National Academy of Science. However, land grant institutions are concerned. IFC Report - Bill Weibold ========================= IFC had conversations about: * Beneficial conversation about civility (again I have no idea what this means). What is our responsibility? * Domestic Partner benefits. It was a good conversation. * Degree revoking process. There is a draft procedure. * Academic freedom, with respect to labor relations course at UMSL and UMKC. * Combining all email systems from all UM campus's. * UMKC changing faculty handbook to allow NTT faculty to vote in elections. This was passed by 90% of tenure track faculty. * Four vacancies on Curators. Two replacements. The third hasn't been confirmed yet by the legislature (time is running out), and a fourth hasn't been nominated. Action Item - Fiscal Affairs - Harry Tyrer - Creation of the IP advisory committee ================================================================================== Passed. Action Item - Council resolution on closing Hitt Street ======================================================= This resolution was criticized by an editorial in the Maneater: http://www.themaneater.com/stories/2011/4/22/campus-closure-proposal-absurd-unreasonable/ Bill Weibold chose to take the blame for lack of proper communication. In particular, "One Mizzou" can mean many things and it wasn't meant to tie in with diversity. There was an extensive conversation about the various groups looking into this issue. It was suggested to calendar this issue for a later date, and there was no vote. Action Item - War Memorial Resolution ===================================== Passed. Announcements ============= There is a reception with the Provost and the Graduate Faculty Senate tomorrow at 4pm. Student Affairs - Nicole Monnier ================================ * Pedestrian Safety. Yellow pedestrian signs. Up from two to three. * The committee met with MSA President Eric Woods. Two issues: * Tuition increase. They will write a letter to the Maneater to educate students about the current political climate. * Domestic Partner Benefits.