Faculty Meeting Newsletter June 9 2011

Chairs Report - Leona Rubin

Electronic voting & changes of representation on tenure will be put to 
board of curators next week.

Acceptance of GP will be voted on and become official.  Two changes to 
accommodate other campuses
* Instead of oversight committee coming from FC-EC, it comes from FC/Senate.
* A campus may have 4 faculty instead of 2, in addition to the 
administrator, on the GP.

The Diversity Course proposal failed.  Lots of feedback.
* Some faculty didn't think we needed it, saying that the actions of a 
few individuals resulted in a knee jerk requirement.  (Leona disagrees 
with this reasoning.)
* Too generic - wouldn't address diversity.
* Too narrow.
* Infringement on Academic Freedom.

It was pointed out that the proposal received a lot of good feedback, 
and so the no vote came as a surprise.  Why did we hear the criticisms 
after the event?  Maybe there is a perception that if one speaks against 
it, then that person will experience a backlash.

One person said that he had concerns and he felt that his concerns were 
not welcomed.  He had wondered if diversity courses were the best way to 
achieve goal.  He felt we was told "yes, shut up."

However, a number of faculty who are in minorities were demoralized at 
the outcome.

FC represents the faculty, and needs to figure out why people rejected 
it, and engage the faculty.  Getting "one more vote" shouldn't be our 
goal.  Let's do surveys and forums.

IFC - Leona Rubin

Issues under discussion:
* Domestic Partner benefits.
* Revoking degree issue not moving forward fast because of legal concerns.
* Retirement issues.

Online Learning - Leona Rubin

At least five departments from A&S have serious issues with the recent 
online learning document.  The committee had very little faculty input.  
So FC are forming task force with Jim Spain.  They already have 15 
names, including 5 from A&S.  There will also be faculty forums.

Chancellor's Survey - Clyde Bentley

The results are in, and will be released after meeting with Chancellor 
on June 16th.  Generally most people think he did a good job - he got 
lots of A's and B's.

* Only got 21% of those asked participated.
* The Chancellor got a low score on communication, especially on 
individuals' issues.  Is that the fault of the Chancellor, or the fault 
of the FC?

Why did people not vote?  Maybe we need to try to find out.  Responses 
* Some people are scared that it can be tracked to IP address.
* Many people had no idea what the Chancellor does, and don't care?

Committee on Committees - Leona Rubin

No-one did anything with last year's report from COC.  So we will create 
a subcommittee of the COC to create a process to define who is 
responsible for forwarding the reports to the various committees, and as 
to whether the recommendations are carried out.

Some people said that they think it is the Chancellor's responsibility.

Other Business

* Capstone - does that go into immediate effect?  Jim Spain replied that 
like any other change in curriculum, the department can move on it any 
way they wish as long as they don't delay existing students' completion 
of program.

* Supreme Court on Stamford case.  Many people wondering what effect 
ruling will have.  Needs some interpretation.