Faculty Council Newsletter 9-8-11

Chair's Report Harry Tyrer

Harry will talk with the Chancellor and Provost frequently.  Please 
communicate to him anything you want him to talk about.

Diversity enhancement - there was a discussion with student leaders. 
Students would like a diversity experience.  They would have liked to 
see the requirement pass.  But they don't want more burden on their 
requirements, and an "experience" would be better than a "course."

New committee requests:
Health for life.  Eddie Adelstein volunteered.
Mizzou Alumni Association - Legislative Committee.

Performance funding - Leona Rubin

I have attached to this newsletter a document from the National 
Governors Association.  34 states have bought into this.  It is a series 
of metrics that schools are required to collect.  The governor will not 
follow it perfectly, but will add several state defined metrics.

Funding: the baseline will be held where it is.  More funding will be 
performance based.

MU being a research institution is unique.  Chancellor Deaton would like 
research to be a metric.  But the document says the primary mission is 

The document increases emphasis on STEM disciplines, so 1 STEM BA = 1.7 
regular BA.

See also 
- the baseline will be set at what we should have got this year.

E-online Task Force - Leona Rubin

Please work with this task force.  Let's not have different groups 
solving the same problem.  There are eight charges for the task force, 
all academic issues.  They hope to post minutes weekly on FC website.

Then there will be a series of Faculty Forums.

Grievance Resolution Panel - Leona Rubin

Lori Mintz is leaving MU.  There are 11 good replacement candidates.

Academic Calendar 2013-2014 - Nicole Monnier

Reading day is back to Friday.  There is a Plan B in case of inclement 
weather and we miss 2 days.  Exams are scheduled Monday through Fri 
morning, 7:30am until 10pm. 

FC will vote on it next time.

Committee on Committees


Recommends two committees be discontinued.  The rules were suspended, 
and this motion passed.

Library Committee: A concern was that the library director has too much 
influence on the committee’s agenda and that there should be better 
communication with the library administration.

Acadamic Affairs - Nicole Monnier

Lots of things to correct in Faculty Handbook.  They will be meeting 
with Jim Spain about undergraduate research and mentorship.

Faculty Affairs - Clyde Bentley

(I am on this subcommittee.)

Charged with creating a charge for a task force to look at 
tenure/promotion issues.  So far the ideas are to audit the current 
process.  The task force will be chosen from Curators' Professors.

Suggestions from FC:
* Add patents and 4th mission to tenure/promotion.
* Extend the tenure clock.
* 35% of faculty quit pre-tenure.  Is this too many?
* 97% of applicants are tenured.  Is this too many?
* Interdisciplinary issues.  Maybe a committee of Curators' Professors 
is too narrow.  Let's ask the Provost for names, or look at recipients 
of Mizzou Advantage grants.

Diversity Committee - Galen Candace

* Revisiting diversity course requirement.
* Council of Deans supports partner benefits.