FC Newsletter 9-22-11

Mizzou Advantage

We heard from various coordinators about Mizzou Advantage.  Meg 
Phillips, the program coordinator, told us about:
* Pizza and projects.  Gwynn Hall in the lounge Thursdays noon-1pm. 
PI's give overview of their projects.
* New Faculty Hire.  It has $50,000 matches for 25 hires, about 4 to 5 
per year.
* Faculty Forums coming up to explore emerging networks.

After the coordinators left, several points were raised about Mizzou 
* is the investment worth it?  Do we need to spend millions to get 
people to talk to each other?
* How inclusive is Mizzou Advantage concerning individual research?  Is 
it presuming that communal research is better than individual research? 
  How does it take away from Research Board and Research Council?
* One member said that the only impressive part was the support of 
undergraduate research.
* The coordinators should have addressed issues like what is the review 
* How do we capture faculty interaction in real time?  This is a real 
problem at MU.

Chair's Report - Harry Tyrer

* Faculty Grievance replacement person.  We are still developing a list.

* IFC workshop.  3 Vice Presidents spoke:
- Garry Allen - email upgrade to 15GB of storage per account.
- Mike Nichols - Research and intellectual property.  Research Board 
money has been going down.  But it is now currently at $2.3 million, and 
they are adding $200,000 per year.
- Niki Krawitz (**) - Performance Funding. Starting with 2013 base. 
There will be 4 metrics common throughout the state, and a 5th metric 
unique to each institution.  Each institution competes with itself, not 
with other institutions.  The 4 metrics are: student success and 
progress; degree attainment; quality of student learning; affordability. 
  All 4 campus's from the UM system will report as a single number. 
This is because UM is one line item on the budget. All this is process, 
not the final answer.

Q: What about research?  This is all teaching.
Q: Who is providing input into this process?  Harry will email Niki 
about this.  Our input is probably through Niki.
Q: Why don't we compare ourselves to benchmark universities?  Why don't 
we ask sensible questions like where do our grads get jobs?  Why don't 
we instead perform a good self evaluation?  Answer: No - legislature 
wants a single number.

* The Bistro is opening again on the 3rd Thursday of each Month.

Action Item - Academic Calendar 2013-14

It passed, along with an addendum - the contingency plan in case of bad 

(**) The discussion about Performance Funding came after the action item 
was voted on.  I have not reported the events in chronological order.