Faculty Council Newsletter 10-6-11

Strategic Plan - Tom Phillips

He is on a committee that reports progress achieved towards the goals 
stated in the Strategic Plan.  He presented us with a list of things FC 
are responsible for.  (When I get an electronic copy of this list, I 
will forward it to you.)

Item 3.5 in the Strategic Plan:
The goal of this is to find a way to reward non-researchers with full 
professor status.  This is to help people who excel in other areas of 
their professional skill such as teaching or service.

Question: Won't this dilute quality research and scholarship?
Response: No, Tom doesn't think that awarding full professorship to 
those who excel in other areas will dilute good scholarship at MU.

Eddie Addelstein:  Maybe with this Strategic Plan, we are merely 
rearranging the deck chairs while the Titanic is sinking.  The faculty 
have no authority - how do we know our suggestions will be taken seriously?

Sudarshan Loyalka:  The goal of the university should be clear and 
simple: to hire the best faculty we can, and let them do good work.

Chair's Report - Harry Tyrer

The chair of the Board of Curators indicated they will review health 
benefits including domestic partner benefits.

Performance funding

At the Oct 19 FC, the agenda will include a report from Niki Krawitz.

Academic Freedom

This document is designed to protect the identity of students in 
discussion groups.  This is in response to videos from UMSL released via 
Breitbart last year.  This document comes from IFC.

Comments: The document is not well written, even for a lawyer.  We 
should not control dissemination of information - rather we should 
control use of information.  (That is, we shouldn't go after the student 
who released the information - rather we should go after Breitbart and 
sue him for libel, since the video was obvious cut and pasted.)

Faculty Affairs - Clyde Bentley

This committee is looking into creating a task force to implement the 
two goals in the Strategic Plan concerning tenure and promotion.  (This 
includes item 3.5 listed above.)  This committee is considering one task 
force to look at both issues.  The committee is asking for 
recommendations from each school or college at MU for prestigious 
faculty to be on this task force.