Faculty Council Oct 20 2011

Chair Harry Tyrer sent out a general message to all faculty about what 
FC is doing.  He received several replies, 12 on the diversity 
requirement - 6 against - 6 for it.  Their comments will be sent to the 
Diversity Enhancement and Academic Affairs committee.

Harry Tyrer made the following comments about diversity.  We should seek 
a broader point of view, and ask faculty if there are there other ways 
to enhance diversity other than via undergraduate curriculum changes? 
We should regard undergraduate curriculum changes as voted on, and no 
means no.  We should propose a radically different approach.

Missouri Assoc of Faculty Senates - Joe Parcel

* David Russell talked about performance based funding.  Governor Nixon 
tends not to change his mind.  Other institutions have also had funding 
withheld because they raised tuition too high.
* They are writing a letter to the Curators to support domestic partner 
* Auditors are looking into administrators' compensation.  When they 
step down they retain 2/3 of their salary, which is very high.

E-learning Committee - Leona Rubin

John David is getting together the consensus statements:
* A course is a course.  The approval process should be the same as face 
to face classes.
* Intellectual property.  The university provides a lot of support 
structure.  This might cause the university to get ownership of IP. 
Another question from the opposite perspective: Can faculty sell their 
courses to Phoenix Online?
* Are online courses taught as regular load or overload?  Maybe this 
should be decided at the department level.
* Quality control (like class size, etc) should be department decisions.
* E-learning is far more labor intensive than face to face teaching. 
The work load needs to be distributed appropriately.
* Next meeting: fiscal issues - how the money flows back.

Retirement and Staff Benefits - Leona Rubin

* Changes to the health insurance plan are being discussed.  The cost to 
us is going up by 8%.  Actual cost has been going up at about 20%.
* High risk groups?  Wellness and cholesterol testing, etc.  If you do 
it, you will get a $100 towards your deductible.
* Elimination of Catastrophe Plan, replaced by the "My-Options" plan. 
This includes a Health Savings Account which can accumulate year to 
year, and has other advantages over the cafeteria plan.

Chair's Report - Harry Tyrer

* Homework: Look at FC website, and comment on how useful it is.
* Performance Funding: How universities should be assessed.  Maybe FC 
should write a document for newspapers.

Changes to Rules of Order - Leona Rubin

FC is not subject to the sunshine law, because we don't control money. 
So minor changes were proposed so that we have open meetings for the 
sake of transparency rather than the sunshine law.

Suspended rules, motion passed.

Academic Affairs - Nicole Monnier

There will be many changes to the faculty handbook to reflect changes to 
current practices.

Faculty Affairs - Clyde Bentley

* Create a Tenure and Promotion Task Force.  It's charge will be to 
audit the current tenure and promotion processes, to make sure that MU 
maintain high standards compared to other AAU institutions, and that 
decisions are free from improper prejudice.

* Next they will look at NTT issues.

Fiscal Affairs - Kattish Katti

* He talked about IP financial issues.

IFC - Leona Rubin

The Presidential Awards deadline is Jan 31st.  They nature of the awards 
is completely different than they used to be.