Faculty Council Newsletter 11-3-11

The whole meeting was devoted to performance funding.  This is only a 
very brief summary of the issues that I found interesting.



Nikki Krawitz - Performance Funding

This idea has been bandied around in MO for quite a while, and has also 
become an issue to many other states.  The Department of Education 
convened a task force, to create the measures to present to the CBHE by 

At the meetings of the task force, the two year community colleges 
(MCCA) had a clear consensus as to what they want.  Four year 
institutions (COPHE) are choosing more of an a la carte approach. 
Institutions will be competing against themselves, not each other.

All opposed affordability measures, because the institutions don't have 
total control over that.  (In the last ten years, our state funding has 
gone down from $10,500 per FTE student to $6,000 per FTE student.)

Q.  What about colleges gaming the system?
A.  MU has invested large amounts of money in improving advising and 
things like that, for the purpose of improving graduation rates.  And at 
the same time, faculty have maintained quality.

Q.  Why is this so biased towards measuring undergraduate activity over 
graduate activity?

Q.  Why weren't there any faculty on the task force?

A.  These are nationally recognized measures using data collected by 
many institutions.  But Nikki welcomes input from faculty for other good 
measures for which data can be collected.

How funding is allocated: this is still being discussed.
* Is this year's baseline going to include last year's new funding?
* Time line.  Funding rates will be based on stuff that happened years 
earlier.  So it is a delayed control problem.