Sorry I didn't get this out last semester.  I have removed parts that 
are now completely out of date (e.g. issues about Presidential job search).

Faculty Council 11-17-11

Minutes were objected to, and tabled, for lacking faculty responses to 
the Performance Funding Initiative.

Chair - Harry Tyrer

Krawitz spoke at general faculty meeting.

Advancing Missouri Governance Relations - this is a group that meets 
with legislature to advance initiatives.  With new legislative sessions, 
we start at zero again.  New legislatures have little experience of 
university issues.  This is because of term limits.

Comment: the lobbyists are not inexperienced.  They are good at working 
the new legislature.

Our current base is $405 million.

A "fair tax" ballot measure on the legislature radar.

IFC - Leona Rubin

UMKC faculty just instituted a Gen Ed program.

Rodriguez - Retirement needs a fund manager for defined contribution part.

UMKC has librarians traditionally treated as faculty.  This has become 
an issue.

Faculty Affairs Clyde Bentley

Still wrestling with tenure system and NTT "system."

Loyalka will be chair of the tenure task force.

Fiscal Affairs Kattesh Katti

Committee for dealing with IP issues has been formed.  Deans have put 
forward their names.  (This is patents only - copyright is a different 
issue to be handled by another group.)

Student Affairs - Craig Roberts

He talked about recognizing students who died in other wars.

Retirement and Staff Benefits - Leona Rubin

Please share talking points from this committee.  (I know this last 
sentence seems strange, but I honestly don't remember what this was 
really about.)