FC Newsletter 1-19-12

Rob Duncan, VC for Research

Rob Duncan gave a glowing account of how important and effective 
research at MU is.  We are 84th in research funding out of 600 research 
universities.  But our goal is to become 20th!

A few things he said:

* He wants to encourage more professional engagement from MU's 
administrative leadership, emulating top universities.  That is, 
administrators should be involved actively at some level in research 
and/or teaching.

* Good research at MU is the way to economic success in Missouri.

* Question. The Provost said that most grants don't pay for themselves.
Answer. 25% to 40% of efforts by MU faculty are towards research and 
creative works.  This leads to administrative overhead.  Attempts to 
reduce regulatory relief which should help.  But (1) increase in 
regulations and (2) granting agencies are more and more disliking 
indirect costs are increasing these costs.  Also, these costs are one 
time costs in meeting regulations.  Extra grants do not incur extra 
costs, and extra grants ARE beneficial to the university.

* Humanities - other universities get a lot of bucks for humanities IP, 
e.g. fashion design, history channel interviews, etc.  He is trying to 
make this happen at MU.  He has done this in part by redirecting money 
from administrative costs.

* The administrator's job is to help faculty build the university. 
Administrators do not build a university, but facilitate the building of 
a university.


Chair's Report

He reported on a letter by Ann Barker.  This concerns NTT status for 
librarians and archivists, and is concerned that MU may follow UMKC's 
position.  Clyde Bentley expressed concerned that more and more layers 
of faculty are being created.

The governor has mandated a 12.5% draconian cut.  1. There are reserve 
funds that could help.  2.  We are not expecting something similar next 
year, because a big part of the reason is the end of stimulus money.


Faculty Affairs, Art Yago has become acting chair of this subcommittee. 
  Nicole  Monnier has to teach a class.

He presented changes to faculty handbook, to account for electronic 
grades.  These were voted on and passed.


Financial Affairs, Kattish Katti.  Completed roster of IP collecting 
units.  Meeting next week.


Student Affairs, Craig Roberts.  He asked FC to endorse the Chancellor's 
request to removing a committee.  Currently there is a different 
committee for handling appeals of disciplinary action student 
organization violations and other student violations.  He wants to 
remove the former committee, and place it all under the latter.  We will 
vote on this at the next meeting.


Joe Parcel will take over Diversity Affairs.  Nicole Monnier and Joe 
will meet to discuss the undergraduate diversity requirement.  There is 
also a discussion that maybe the committee should change its name.