FC Newsletter Feb 23, 2012
President Wolfe was unable to attend.  This was a last minute change of 

Chancellor Brady Deaton

The Chancellor announced had just been awarded an honorary degree from 
Khon Kaen University in Thailand. 

There will be a 3% increase in in-state tuition.  Some "special fees" 
will go up a little higher than 3%.  Out of state tuition will go up 
7.5%.  We now receive more out of state than in-state students.

There is a $22,000,000 budget gap.  This will result in about 50 job 
losses at MU  (250 system wide).  20 of these are tenure track 
positions, 34 are extension jobs.  This is despite an increase in 
student enrollment and research.

The salary increase of 2% to 3% is to be decided.  Thus far we have 
failed to get salaries up to AAU average.

The chancellor is very concerned with student alcohol abuse.  More late 
classes on Friday will reduce alcohol consumption.  Also, please don't 
make jokes about alcohol abuse.  Kim Dude has done a great job 
advocating on this issue.

What about Tigertown?
Answer: It is to promote athletics, not alcohol consumption.

What if budget trends continue?  Is MU sustainable?
Answer:  We have been hurt significantly.  Salaries are lower than AAU. 
We desperately need more faculty - tenure track faculty.  We also need 
to look more at a private university model, out of necessity.  E.g. more 

Layoffs?  How are decisions made?
Answer: According to strategic priorities.

Is it true that education and research doesn't pay for itself?
Answer: This is true.  The shortfall needs to come from the State.

But our State provides very little.
Answer: Yes.  SPRAC - let's reshape our financial plans.  We need to 
look at money from other sources.  For example, a lot of scholarships 
and aid come from the university budget.

Example of successes at MU: Professor Hawthorne and The Biodesign Lab 
group received entrepreneur awards today.  The Kauffman foundation named 
us as one of three "Kauffman Commercialization Leaders." 


Chair's Report - Harry Tyrer

Michael Taksar died Feb 12th 2012.  He was a Member of Faculty Council 
until last year.

Harry Tyrer is very concerned about capacity limitations.  E.g. 
student-teacher ratios.  There is room for a few thousand more students 
(based upon chair count, etc).  This means we have only a few more years 
at current enrollment rates.

We should talk to colleagues about capacity issues.  We should send 
Harry an email where we see capacity limitations before next meeting.

Leona Rubin: We should look at excess as well - rooms that are empty, 
and not used.  E.g. because they are not centrally allocated.

Question: Are there other ways to approach education other than in the 
classroom 8am-5pm?
Answer: There are many committees looking into this.  For example, what 
about a trimester system, so as to utilize campus more over the summer? 
  (But research is very important.)  What about late night classes, or 
Saturday morning classes.  Some faculty will not like this, and maybe 
they should be allowed to opt out.

There is a large integration project, which started with blending "MU in 
the Evening" with "One Mizzou."

IFC Report

President Wolfe was there.  He affirmed that the priority is teaching, 
research, service, economic development.

NTT librarians.  Wording was changed in accordance to last meeting's 
suggestion.  This will be voted on next time.

Leona Rubin:

Proposed Changes to FC Administrator Review

See the attached document "Faculty Council Rules of Order."

Recommendations from Online Learning Task Force


This is meant to integrating the whole teaching process.  A course is a 
course.  Modality should not matter.

The budget model is an issue.  We need another task force to look into 
this.  (But we might all move to RCM management soon, which will make 
this moot.)

It suggests the creation of online advisory council, to take a 
strategic/programmatic approach to e-learning.

Action Item

Resolution to make "clear and convincing" the standard for revoking of 

See (a) the attached resolution, and (b) the attached letter from Joe 
Parcell to Brady Deaton.

There are two committees that deal with faculty discipline.  The Faculty 
Responsibility (FI) committee (in the MU Faculty by-laws), and the 
Faculty Committee on Tenure (described in CRR).

Faculty has been dismissed with cause by the latter committee.  So 
revoking of tenure does NOT require the FI committee.  This is the first 
time a FI has reached the full committee in 37 years since its inception.

Wash U has an advisory committee on tenure and etc.  So does our FI 
committee at MU play the same role?

Amendment to resolution: Withdraw the 2nd part of the motion.  Remove 
"such as suspension and dismissal" (because "suspension" could cover a 
large variety of different actions - e.g. short term emergency 
suspension to suspension for long durations).  Replace "actions" by 
"sanctions".  The amendment passed.

Motion to Table:  Some FC members said they would prefer not to vote on 
the resolution, because it specifically mentioned 300.010.L.  But they 
were loath to vote against the motion because it would send the wrong 
message to the administration.  However other FC members wanted to vote 
yes on the resolution to send a strong message that tenure should be 
defended.  The motion to table passed 10-9.

Motion to send the letter written by FC Exec, and sent by Joe Parcell: 
First the rules were suspended.  This letter requested that the 
chancellor not ask the FI committee to reconsider.  But also that this 
should not be seen as a precedent.

Amendment: remove first paragraph.  Passed.

Motion to send letter.  Passed unanimously.