FC Newsletter 4-19-02

Transitioning to the SEC - Lori Franz et al

They like us because of our AAU credentials.

Chair's Report - Harry Tyrer

Noah Herringman in Library Committee is preparing a survey vis a vis how 
spending cuts should be apportioned.

NSEI - Sudarshan Loyolka

Five meetings with the Provost.  NSEI will stay intact for the time 
being.  Long term are issues still being worked out.  It is still not 
known what precipitated the initial problems.

Election of Officers - Clyde Bentley

Chair - Harry Tyrer
Vice Chair - Kattish Katti
IFC Rep - Gordon Christensen

Recommendations of the Online Academic Programs Task Force - Leona Rubin

Motion to accept report plus addenda.  (See 

Q: SEC does not accept non-traditionally taught courses in Math and 
English for transfer students.
A: Statistics suggest the opposite, that students who take 
non-traditional students tend to do better.

A lot of other discussion concerning intellectual property issues, and 
whether this document helps clarify the issues.

Many Chairs and Deans are concerned about lack of clarity with respect 
to revenue sharing and intellectual property.

Friendly amendment - remove first addendum, because it doesn't bring any 

The vote is merely thanking the committee, not saying this is the last word.

Passed by acclamation.

Faculty Affairs (Clyde Bentley)

Long discussions of the definition of faculty.  More research to be done.

Fiscal Affairs (Kattish Katti)

Intellectual property issues.  Social sciences have been left out, so 
they will be included.

Student Affairs (Craig Roberts)

Memorial for Mizzou vets issue is still ongoing.

Plus/minus issue - an A+ doesn't cancel an A-.

Final words

Think about issues to address next year.