FC Newsletter 8-23-12

Harry Tyrer - Chair's Report

Shared governance will be discussed at the FC retreat at 1pm-on 
September 6, Memorial Unions in the Benton/Bingham room N214-215.  Mel 
George will speak on shared governance  Faculty who want to attend are 
welcome to observe the early part.

Clyde Bentley - Diversity

He spoke about the campus civility task-force.

National Council for Teacher Quality


They want access to the College of Education's syllabii.

Jim Baumann - stated purpose of this organization is to create effective 
teaching.  They are looking for transparency.  UM is not wanting to 
release this copyrighted information.

Q.  Why do they want this info?
A.  Not sure.  Probably not friendly towards College of Education.  But 
we don't know much more than that.

Missouri Press Resolution

Motion for the remaining 5 items of: 

Richard Wallace - Tasked with creating the Press Advisory Committee

He shares an intense desire that MU have a high quality Press.  He 
believes he can make it at least as good as the great institution it 
used to be.  Early next week he hopes to share more information about 
advisory committee.  He wants to be as open as he can be.

Advisory Committee.  Invitations to nominate members will be sent early 
next week.  It has a very broad charge - to advise and council as MU 
assumes responsibility for the University of Missouri Press.  Richard 
Wallace stated that the University Press is NOT being abolished.

Present plan: include representatives of faculty governing bodies of all 
four campuses, even though the press will be situated on the MU campus. 
   Also include authors, and more faculty.  Faculty should dominate. 
Also include students and staff from this campus.  Also include external 
experts in publishing.

Q.  Any thinking to disciplinary diversity?  And what about people from 
college of business to help formulate the business plan?
A.  We will be mindful of this.

Q.  Will the committee include administrators?
A.  Don't know.

Q.  There is a difference between advisory board and board of directors.
A.  President used the wrong word.

Q.  How about the experience of existing editors.
A.  Ask me next week.

Q.  Can you confirm that the Press did not close?
A.  Yes, it hasn't closed.  However the President will not rescind the 
decision to move the Press from UM to MU.

Q.  What about peer review?
A.  We cannot have an academic press without peer review.

Q.  Books are not available from the warehouse.
Q.  Will advisory committee have a charge?  Will it be permanent?
Q.  Will Morgan be the editor?
A.  Sorry, I couldn't parse his answers.  I think he said he cannot 
answer these questions now.

Q.  Between the lines - would it be fair to say that President Wolfe has 
experienced a slight change of heart.

Clair Willcox:  He has already been laid off.  In the next week 3 more 
will go.  2 more at the end of October.  The original announcement was 
about laying off the Press workers.

Robin Remmington:  It will be perceived as a vanity press with very few 
employees.  Withdrawn books.  Etc, etc.  It is a mess.  Very bad for 
MU's reputation.  Employees have been treated in a very shameful manner.

SMS.  Employees have been treated shamefully.  Morale on campus amongst 
staff is low because staff don't think "doing a good job" is the way to 
retain their job.  He implored the new committee to consider very 
strongly rehiring the original staff.
Wallace:  You have been heard.

Discussion of Motion

SMS.  Amendment: Add first item back to motion.  Amendment failed 9 
votes to 11.

At this point the discussion got quite confusing.  We ended up putting 
off the motion until another meeting.  In part this is because Richard 
Wallace is setting up a committee, and it remains to be seen what will 
come of this.

Then a new motion was presented by Art Jago, which thanked the President 
for rescinding or postponing his decision, and asking that the press go 
back to where it was before the decision was announced.

This motion seemed to be greeted with a lot of confusion, as it wasn't 
quite clear what the purpose of the motion was.  We voted to suspend the 
rules.  But the motion failed to pass.

The librarians expressed the view that they want to retain the 
traditional peer review.