With all due respect, this is not what happened. I was on FC as AAUP representative at the time of the discussion of the move to the "current pilot" from the "previous pilot". Dr. Phillips was chair of FC at that time. FC was told at that time that the "current pilot" was being proposed because, we were told, that the revision of the "previous pilot" was "dead on arrival" and had "no chance" of being accepted by administration. We were assured this many times by several people involved, including Drs. Mintz, Watt, and Rubin. In one meeting, and I remember this very well, I asked about details to learn more as to why the revision of the "previous pilot" was so poorly received. I wanted to know who made that judgment, where the issues were discussed, and I wanted to know whether anything was in writing. After about 10 minutes, faculty council learned that in fact the revision of the "previous pilot" was never moved forward and was never rejected by anybody. It turned out that the leadership of FC simply preferred to go with the all new "current pilot". I thought that admission was remarkable and I remember that Dr. Watt merely said "So what?" when it became clear that what had actually happened was very different from what FC was told had happened. Regards, REG.