The MST link is a must read for MU faculty. MST has arguably the second best overall group of graduate programs in Missouri's public university system next to MU. It is remarkable how strong MU's 75 targeted programs are in comparison to MST's graduate programs. The MST web site demonstrates what good leadership can do. The MST provost's strong defense of his graduate programs in the 37 page letter is both elegant and forceful and makes the reader aware of the importance of graduate studies to any institution of higher learning. Without a graduate program, no department can attract top faculty. Given the relative strength of MU's targeted programs to all others, if CBHE goes strictly by the numbers, the bulk of the graduate programs in Missouri's public universities will be lost. If CBHE selectively chooses based on politics and the strength of the institution's leadership, than MU will lose some programs which are giants in comparison to the the graduate programs from around the state that survive. Either way, the state loses. It is a bad combination to have the top graduate programs in the state along with weak leadership.