Chancellor Deaton: It was with concern that I read an account of the 
meeting administrators held with representatives of the Faculty Council.  
It was reported that you stated you had submitted a proposal to the Press 
and it was returned to you because it was out of the Pressís scope of 
topics.  I am certain you understand that no press can afford to have an 
completely exhaustive list of subject areas, and that you know there may be 
other presses better suited to certain topics.  Nonetheless, it is 
troubling that you would mention this at such a meeting.  The comment is 
open to an interpretation that you may have a particularly personal 
interest in the Pressís future.  You probably did not intend to leave 
listeners with such a viewpoint, but the remarks are cause for distress 
among any who learned of them.  In the midst of the many missteps, lack of 
transparency, negative national press, and other embarrassments to the 
campus, it may be time for you and Provost Foster to speak openly and 
completely candidly about this predicament the University finds itself in.  
It is clear that reputational damage has been done to this University; the 
first step to repairing that damage is yours to take.
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